Tree Work in Walton-on-Thames, Cobham, Esher and Surrey | From Crown Thinning to Directional Felling

At Midgard Tree Services Ltd, we provide an extensive range of tree work options for domestic, commercial and industrial clients alike. Our experienced tree surgeons are dedicated to the betterment of natural landscapes throughout Cobham, Esher and Walton-on-Thames, and are trusted by clients in Surrey and nationwide. We make sure that each team members comes fully qualified with City & Guilds training – guaranteeing a high level of care no matter the work involved.

Whether you require crown thinning, dead wooding or directional felling, we arrive equipped with the relevant safety gear and undertake risk assessments to reduce hazards. This makes us the perfect choice for emergency tree work on a 24-hour basis.

Our tree surgeons have completed work for local councils, highway agencies, housing developments, utility companies, property developers and private domestic clients. We undertake one-off procedures with great precision and offer competitive rates for ongoing maintenance in the areas of Cobham, Esher, Walton-on-Thames and Surrey.

Professional Tree Work, Performed with Care

As a fully accredited member of Buy With Confidence (Trading Standards approved), we can perform tree work on both a small and large scale. Our tree surgeons understand the challenges that often come from working at height and strive to deliver the best solution available. In this way, we tailor our approach to every client. We also perform hedge cutting and stump grinding services.

Crown Reduction

If a tree becomes overgrown, it may be necessary to reduce the height or spread of its crown. This procedure helps to reduce mechanical stress on branches, fixes light-loss issues and removes potential conflict with buildings and power lines.

Crown Thinning

An overly dense tree may disrupt the flow of light or pose a hazard due to a lack of balance. This kind of tree work consists of removing tertiary branches, often at the outer crown, to create a consistent density. The size or shape of the tree isn’t altered, but it’s rarely a one-off service with species prone to epicormic growth.

Crown Lifting

If your property in Esher, Cobham or Walton-on-Thames loses space due to a low crown, then Midgard Tree Services Ltd will be happy to help. We remove the lowest branches for greater access, allowing you to make better use of the space available.

Sectional Dismantling

Using spikes and ropes, our tree surgeons take down the tree in easy-to-manage sections. This is a key part of tree work in built-up areas, and we dismantle trees while wearing the necessary safety gear.

Directional Felling

When safe to do so, this tree surgery procedure brings down whole trees with precise cuts to the base. With an accurately measured directional notch and felling cut, the tree can be safely felled in a chosen direction.

Dead Wooding

A tree which begins to die or decay may pose a real threat to homeowners and the wider public. We perform dead wooding to keep gardens, golf courses and conservation areas safe from falling branches. Our team can spot the early signs of branch decay and will work to retain the healthy branches.

Formative Pruning

This minor procedure involves the pruning of young trees to set the desired growth pattern or to correct early growth defects that could prove problematic in the future.

Serving Esher, Cobham, Walton-on-Thames and Surrey, Midgard Tree Services Ltd provides high-quality tree work to landowners nationwide. Please get in touch to discuss any of the above services or to talk through our range of affordably priced logs and plants.

To find out more about the tree work we perform in Cobham, Esher and Walton-on-Thames, please call 01483 728799 or 07888 699267. Our tree surgeons provide a range of services to Surrey and the South East.