In the UK, there are legislations and restrictions in place to protect trees. As such, it’s important to determine the legal status of trees before carrying out tree work. If our tree surgeons were to undertake unauthorised work on protected trees, this could result in prosecution. With many years of experience in tree surgery, the team at Midgard Tree Services Ltd ensures every job complies with legislations. Whether you need felling, reduction, stump grinding or hedge cutting services in Oxshott, you can rely on us for safe and legal solutions.

There are various protections for trees and it’s important to understand the rules that surround vegetation on your property. The following is a handy guide to tree legislation however, the restrictions that apply to trees varies, so you must get confirmation from local authorities before carrying out work in Oxshott.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

TPOs come from local planning authorities and protect a specific tree or woodland from damage and destruction. To carry out tree work on trees or woods that have a TPO in place, you need permission from the planning authority.

However, while authorities can place TPOs on hedgerow trees, they cannot put them on hedgerows themselves. This means our tree surgeons can carry out hedge cutting in Oxshott without permission, if we don’t touch any hedgerow trees that have protection.

It’s also worth noting that TPOs don’t apply to stumps left from previous tree removals. As such we can carry out stump grinding without authorisation.

Conservation Areas

If you wish to undertake tree surgery on a tree in a conservation area, you must give written notice to the local planning authority. This will include proposed work and you should submit the notice at least six weeks before starting tree work.

During this time, the planning authority can decide whether or not to place a TPO on the tree. In some cases, your tree may already have a TPO, in which case normal TPO procedures apply.

Customers in Oxshott do not need to give notice of work for trees in conservation areas that have a diameter of less than 7.5cm or a height less than 1.5m above ground. Our tree surgeons advise on the requirements of your job.

Restrictive Covenants

A restrictive covenant is a promise not to do certain things to specific land or property. Restrictive covenants apply to the land and not the owner, which means the covenant remains valid even if the current owner sells the property.

Covenants or other restrictions in the title or lease of a property may require third party consent before carrying out tree work. This can include the removal of trees and hedges. However, some minor maintenance services, such as hedge cutting, won’t need permission.

Felling Licences

While you don’t need a licence to fell trees in your Oxshott garden, a licence is often necessary to remove trees outside your property. For maximum safety, we strongly recommend hiring certified tree surgeons for all tree surgery and related services.

At Midgard Tree Services Ltd, our team have City & Guilds qualifications as well as felling licences and extensive knowledge of best health and safety practices. This ensures everything from stump grinding to crown reduction meets the highest standards of safety and quality while fully complying with the law.

For more information about legislation surrounding tree work in Oxshott and the surrounding areas, call us on 01483 728799 or 07888 699267.