Trees play a key role in the environment as well as providing a variety of benefits. In addition to producing oxygen, trees give us food and materials that form part of our daily lives. Furthermore, trees improve the lives of individuals and communities in Surbiton and the surrounding areas. As such, it’s vital for tree surgeons to take proper care of the trees around us. We carry out a range of tree work and other services, such as stump grinding and hedge cutting, to keep plants in good condition so you continue to enjoy their advantages.

Because trees are so important, it’s essential that only qualified persons carry out tree surgery. This ensures all trees get the most suitable treatment as well as guaranteeing safe and legal practices. At Midgard Tree Services Ltd, all our tree surgeons have City & Guilds qualifications and work to NPTC standards to maintain the following benefits:

Health & Well-being

While many people enjoy the appearance of trees, not everyone realises how good they are for personal wellbeing. The presence of trees helps create a sense of calm and helps lower stress levels, meaning they are ideal for regulating mood.

Furthermore, tree canopies act as a filter by trapping dust and absorbing pollutants that are in the air. They also protect us from sun exposure and help reduce noise pollution. All of this has a positive effect on our health.

To ensure trees in Surbiton can provide these advantages without any negative effects, it’s important for us to carry out various tree work when necessary. For example, crown reduction removes potential conflict with nearby buildings and power lines.


Trees are a popular choice for separating outdoor spaces in Surbiton, such as gardens. This is because, with periodic tree surgery, they provide a level of privacy and solitude which makes people feel safer and more comfortable.

Hedges are also useful for these reasons and our tree surgeons offer hedge cutting services on a one-off or ongoing basis to maintain the appearance and privacy of domestic and commercial spaces.

Property Value

Homes with well landscaped gardens, especially with trees that offer privacy, sell for a higher value than non-landscaped properties. Furthermore, people want to live and work in areas with green surroundings, with research showing house prices are 5-18% higher when mature trees are nearby.

Consequently, if you’re planning to sell your house in Surbiton, make use of our tree surgery and hedge cutting services to ensure your garden looks its best. If you have any rotting, unsightly or dangerous tree stumps in your garden, we undertake stump grinding to keep your garden in the best condition.


Trees provide food and habitats for all kinds of creatures and organisms, including birds, insects, lichen and fungi. To maintain these diverse microhabitats in Surbiton, our tree surgeons undertake various tree work to manage the health and condition of trees.

It’s important to note that rotting tree stumps can become a home for toxic fungi and undesirable insects and pests. This is one reason why it’s important to carry out stump grinding.

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