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To celebrate the order of our new stump grinder, we are offering a free stump removal when we take down any tree between the months of October 2018 and September 2019.


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The Benefits of Tree Surgery in Walton on Thames


Midgard Tree Services take great pride in providing customers in Walton on Thames with a variety of tree surgery solutions. As well as effective hedge cutting and stump removal services, we can take care of any dangerous or overgrowing trees you may have on your property.


When we originally carry out a site survey, our expert climbers will determine how to deal with the issues the tree is causing. As trees can become hazardous with overhanging branches and overgrowing crowns, a tree surgeon will look into crown thinning, lopping and topping. Tree Felling only takes place if all other avenues have been exhausted.



Lopping, Topping and Felling Services


Topping – Topping is a process where the top of the tree’s crown is removed to reduce height. Some Walton on Thames customers are not keen on this idea initially as the tree can look stripped but heavy re-growth will be possible once the topping is completed. A tree surgery like ours will always take more off the tree than is needed to protect overhead cables etc.


Lopping – Lopping removes the side sections of a tree. This enables a tree surgeon to keep tree trunks away from buildings and structures in Walton on Thames. In all of our tree surgery services, from stump removal to lopping, we take all the necessary health and safety precautions to protect the local area as well as our own staff.


Tree Felling – Tree Felling as previously explained is a last resort. Felling is where a tree surgeon will remove the tree in sections. Eventually this will see the tree being reduced to a stump. We can use our stump removal equipment to leave the area where a tree once stood of your Walton on Thames property completely free. Once the lopping, topping and felling of the tree is completed, we will remove all tree debris away from the Walton on Thames site. The majority of waste will be cut into logs and the remainder turned into mulch. This is great for helping plant growth around your garden.



As with any of our tree surgery processes, from hedge cutting to tree felling, we are fully insured. Full care, safety and attention is taken by each tree surgeon, every step of the way.


To find out more about tree surgery services such as hedge cutting and stump removal in Walton on Thames, ring us now on 07888 699 267.