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To celebrate the order of our new stump grinder, we are offering a free stump removal when we take down any tree between the months of October 2018 and May 2019.


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Tree Work in Esher & Oxshott | From Tree Surgery to Stump Removal

Midgard Tree Services provides an extensive range of tree work options for domestic and commercial clients in Esher, Oxshott and the surrounding areas. Based in Cobham, each tree surgeon in our team has dedicated themselves to attain City & Guilds training accreditation at NPTC level. This ensures that the tree work we carry out, be it hedge cutting, stump removal or an array of tree surgery services, is completed to the highest standards of workmanship and safety.

Our tree surgery services in Esher, Oxshott and the surrounding Surrey areas include:

  • Crown Reduction – This service involves the reduction in height or spread of a tree’s crown. This tree work procedure helps to reduce mechanical stress on branches, fixes light-loss issues and removes potential conflict with building and power lines
  • Crown Thinning – This kind of tree work consists of removing tertiary branches, often at the outer crown, to create a consistent density. The size or shape of the tree isn’t altered, and it’s rarely a one-off service with species prone to epicormic growth
  • Crown Lifting – This tree work service involves the removal of lower, but not largest, branches in order to increase the distance between the crown and the ground. This helps improve lighting around the tree and enhances access in the vicinity
  • Stump Removal – This tree work service involves the use of specialist equipment to grind problematic tree stumps into chippings and mulch. Stump removal plays an important role in increasing the aesthetics, safety and ongoing health of gardens
  • Hedge Cutting – A popular tree surgery service usually carried out between April and September, hedge cutting involves scaling back overgrown hedges to improve aesthetic appeal as well as solving lighting and access issues.
  • Sectional Dismantling – A tree surgery service required for the removal of trees in built-up areas in Esher, Oxshott and Surrey. Using spikes and ropes, tree surgeons take down the tree in sections, lowering branches to ground with ropes if required
  • Directional Felling – When safe to do so, this tree surgery procedure brings down whole trees with precise cuts to the base. With a precisely measured directional notch and felling cut, the tree can be safely felled in a chosen direction
  • Formative Pruning – A minor tree surgery procedure carried out by tree surgeons in Esher and Oxshott. It involves the pruning of young trees to set a desired growth pattern or to correct early growth defects that could prove problematic in the future

For more information on hedge cutting, stump removal, our any of the tree surgery services we provide in Esher, Oxshott and the neighbouring Surrey areas, please contact us.

Domestic & Commercial Tree Surgeons

From hedge cutting to stump removal, and from formative pruning to crown lifting, our tree work services in Esher, Oxshott and the surrounding Surrey areas are available to domestic and commercial clients.

To date, we have undertaken work for:

  • Local Councils
  • Highway Agencies
  • Housing Developments
  • Property Developers
  • Utility Companies
  • Private Domestic Clients

Whether a one-off, single priced tree work procedure, or ongoing rates for regularly scheduled maintenance, our tree surgeons provide Esher, Oxshott and Surrey area property owners with tree surgery that is safe and garners outstanding results.


For more information on hedge cutting, stump removal or any of our tree surgery services in Esher, Oxshott or the Surrey area, call 07888 699 267.