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To celebrate the order of our new stump grinder, we are offering a free stump removal when we take down any tree between the months of October 2018 and February 2019.


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Tree Surgery in Esher | Our Services Explained


Here at Midgard Tree Services, we take great pride in our reputation for providing professional tree surgery services with outstanding results in the Esher area. Whether it’s hedge cutting, stump removal or a range of tree work such as crown reduction or crown thinning, every tree surgeon in our team produces workmanship of the highest standards while fully complying with current HSE guidelines.


We recognise that tree work services can become a confusing subject at times. This is why, for the convenience of our Esher customers, we’ve outlined some of our key services below.


1. Hedge Cutting


As anyone with a hedge in their garden knows, they have a tendency to grow rapidly, particularly in the summer months. As such, we conduct most of our hedge cutting work between April and September.


When left to grow unchecked, hedges take on an unkempt, overgrown look that becomes a potential eyesore in an otherwise well-maintained garden. Our qualified and experienced tree surgeons carry out the required hedge cutting to get it back into shape. What’s more, we can arrange for our tree surgeons to carry out scheduled maintenance hedge cutting at your Esher property to ensure your hedge is always in great condition.


2. Stump Removal


Tree stumps not only provide an eyesore for gardens and public spaces throughout the Esher area, they also represent a potential danger to people and nearby plants. From an often unseen trip hazard to attracting potentially harmful bacteria and fungus, tree stump removal has fast become one of our most popular tree surgery services.


Using the latest stump removal equipment, our tree surgeons undertake this often difficult service in gardens and public spaces across Esher. Our specialist stump removal equipment grinds the stump into mulch and chippings, not only removing the eyesore but also killing off growth in the roots below too.


3. Tree Surgery


With a list of tree work services that includes crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, formative pruning, sectional dismantling and directional felling, the tree surgery undertaken by our tree surgeons covers every need our Esher customers have. For the ultimate peace of mind, Midgard Tree Services carries out tree work of any kind safely, professionally and for competitive prices.


So, whether a young tree is growing at an odd angle, an established tree has grown too rapidly or a root network is endangering the structural integrity of a wall or building, we carry out the necessary tree work to solve the problem.


For more information on hedge cutting, stump removal or any of our tree surgery services in Esher, speak to a tree surgeon today on 07888 699 267.